Trick Or Treat

An halloween-themed 3D board videogame

“Trick or Treat” is a strategic indie puzzle game where you have a limited number of moves each turn. By rotating the map’s tiles you must escape from an haunted house before getting caught by the witch!


A game by the Hannibal team!

Trick or Treat is the very first indie game developed by the guys in the 1# year (2017/2018) of The Sign Comics & Art Academy in Florence.

Game Design:


Concept Art:

Real-Time Graphics:


For x32/64bit Windows 7/8/10


Ingame screenshots (ultra graphics)

General graphics quality can be tuned by the launcher. Quality of the graphics effects can be tuned ingame while in debug mode. Grahics effects quality is set by default to low.


Remember these few rules:


(ENG) Anyone is free to view the code, but the project belongs in all its parts to those who own it (the contributors) and can not be reused by others without prior authorization for both commercial or private use.

(ITA) Chiunque è libero di visionare il codice, ma il progetto appartiene in tutte le sue parti a coloro che lo possiedono (i contributori) e non può essere riutilizzato da esterni senza previa autorizzazione per scopi d’uso commerciali o privati.